VOIP Services


Connect your business phones to your digital network and experience great assets like free Canada-wide calling, caller ID, and voice mail, all while retaining your original phone number - even toll-free numbers.

Your business phone isn’t restricted to just one option of service. Consider a digital network for your phone lines to experience the ease of access and versatility of the internet applied to your everyday business calling.

Digital Phone Lines

Strengthen your business communication with Security & Technology Alliance Group's VOIP services, and recieve great assets including:

  • Canada-Wide Calling
  • Caller ID
  • Voice Mail
  • Retain Original Phone Number [Even Toll-Free Numbers]
  • Multiple Phone lines [As many as you need]
  • Dedicated Conference Calls Line
  • Voice-to-Email Capability
  • Call Forwarding to Out-of-Office Staff

We don’t stop at installation; VOIP service can be included with our corporate managed services, providing your system with maintenance and ongoing care.

VOIP Digital Phone Lines

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