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It has never been more important to protect your files and data than now. For convenience and productivity, your home or business are connected both internally and online with a multitude of sensitive information that needs protection. Antivirus software does a good job at protecting our computers most of the time, but technology is always changing and with that new viruses and malwares are always on the rise. At Security & Technology Alliance Group, protecting you is our priority, after all it's in the name. Contact us today and see how our experts can easily save you the frustration and confusion.

Secure Wireless Networking

We at Security & Technology Alliance Group can help you set up a secure wireless connection for your home or business. Getting connected and having a reliable and secure wireless network can be complicated and time consuming. Our certified technicians are experts in DNS systems, servers and clients, routers, modems, and every part that makes up a network.

Contact us today and see how much time can be saved by recieving help from a professional.

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Domain and Email Hosting Solutions

Having you very own website name and personalized email address for you business allows you to own your brand, increases your credibility, and boosts your online traffic

Our experienced website developers can provide your website the perfect balance of interactivity and informativity for your visitors.

All sites we build are also fitted with a secure embedded contact form to keep bots at bay, and ensure you are recieving emails containing legitimate cutomer concerns instead of spam.

Make it easier to locate your business and grab your domain name while it's still available and discover the benefits of owning your online identity.

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Web Support Services

After we've set up your website, you are with you for as long as you’ll have us: running updates, keeping backups, even managing content for those with busy schedules.

The web maintenance packages will benefit you if:

  • You lack an internal resource with sufficient web expertise
  • You cannot afford to lose time or people delegated to your site maintenance
  • Your site requires frequent updates due to changing information or client communication
  • Site stability, security, and compatibility are among your concerns

Rest easy and leave the technical updates and backups to us. Give us a call to find out more about how we can keep your online presence strong and secure on a monthly basis.

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If your system is showing any symptoms of infection, consult with our experienced technicians


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