Corporate IT Services

Slow computer? Error messages? Sudden freezing/crashes? Unprompted Reboot? Contact us if you're having difficulty with your computer. Computers can be difficult to deal with, that's why we are here to help. Our experienced and qualified technicians can assist you with a wide range of computer problems, from simple errors and malfunctions, to disastrous failure. We assess the problem, give you all the options, with an estimated time of completion and quote.

Onsite I.T. Support

If you're having any trouble with your computer or network, such as problems connecting to your network, seeing a printer, setting up a server, or your system is just being slow and sluggish, we can send our certified technicians to your business to diagnose and investigate your computer situation. We pride ourselves with our exceptional response and resolution time, together with our competitive pricing.

Give us a call today, and learn more about our Onsite IT Support.

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Onsite I.T. Services

Bench Services

Bench Services

Our certified technicians are available at our office if it's more convenient for you to drop off your computer anytime during business hours. To make sure you recieve the quickest help possible, we can also book you a time slot and give you an estimated time of resolution. Wether your computer problem is the result of hardware failure or software conflicts, our experienced and qualified technicians in our state of the art facility guarantee exceptional results no matter what your computer problem may be.

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Remote Support

We understand that some problems need to be fixed immidiately, especially when it comes to computer issues that frequently disrupt your workflow. That's why we offer remote desktop assistance. Give us a call, and from our offices our technicians are able to diagnose your I.T. situation, and provide solutions with live and immediate results that you can see.

Contact us today and never worry about having to interrupt your work day for any I.T. problem.

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Remote Support

Hardware Support & Installation

Hardware Support & Installation

If you purchased or plan on purchasing new hardware and require assistance, we are here to help. Our certified technicians at Security & Technology Alliance Group can install and configure your new hardware as soon as possible. If you plan on upgrading or replacing your existing harware, we are happy to help you find the best solution for your needs.

There is no need for new hardware installations to be complicated and expensive. We are experts at installing and configuring hardware, call us today to discuss options and recieve a free quote.


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