Disaster Recovery

Eradicate Downtime

Equip your company with the ability to quickly and affordably recover from any disaster, large and small.

Top Causes of Downtime

While DR has been traditionally sold as earthquake insurance, it’s become clear that microdisasters are more prevalent and equally as damaging. It’s why IT and business leaders are re-evaluating their DR needs.

Hardware Failure 55%

Human Error 22%

Software Failure 18%

Natural Disasters 5%

Sources: Ponemon Research (2013), Quorum DR Report (2013)

Challenges of Ensuring Data & Operational Uptime

Every modern company depends on data and operational uptime for their survival. There are no exceptions. But protecting large data sets in a mixed environment isn’t simple or affordable with traditional DR solutions. It’s why every business thinks push-button failover is out of reach. Here are the top 3 barriers:


Too Expensive


Insufficient IT Resources


Compatibility & Complex Issues

Sources: ActiveTech Media/DRaaS Report, 8/04/2015

Our Solution For You

Disaster Recovery Your Way. Security & Technlogy Alliance Group offers an enterprise grade disaster recovery solution that provides rapid failover to a second site with the flexibility to boot from the appliance or the cloud. Delivered as a physical or virtual appliance and includes distaster recovery software.

Reduce Costs
  • No additional secondary site
  • No additional hardware
  • No additional software
  • No additional bandwisth

Push-Button Failover
  • Failover to a second site
  • From seconds to minutes
  • Locally and from the cloud

Flexible to Meet All Needs
  • Deploy as Physical or Virtual
  • Protect any OS and Device
  • Store in Any Cloud

Scaling Disaster Recovery

Protect Large Data Sets on a Smaller Appliance

The Future of Scaling DR Doesn’t Include More Appliances. It used to be that if you needed more space, then you needed to buy more appliances. This is NOT the case with our intelligent Cloud Spillover software.

Cloud Spillover

Cloud Spillover is software that finally understands that not all data requires expensive local storage. It allows our appliances to intelligently spill data to the cloud based on rules you set.

  • Eliminates costly overprovisioning
  • Frees you from forklift upgrades
  • Delivers a pay as you go model

Deploy In Any Form

Physical & virtual hardware, agent software.

Support Any OS

Supports more than 100+ versions of operating systems

Backup Any Device

Desktops, laptops, mobile, physical & virtual servers

Failback Any System

Virtual Machine (VM), applications, servers or a whole network locally


Store In Any Cloud

Public, private, or third-party clouds

Recover Anything

Virtual Machine (VM), applications, servers or a whole network locally

Boot Anywhere

Appliance and cloud

Flexible Deployment

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